18 B-18C Taj Nagari,Phase-1, Fatehabad Road , Agra (India)


Ayurvedic Spa at Hotel Taj Galaxy blends the holistic self-healing therapies practiced in Ayurveda as well as oriental therapies with the rejuvenating qualities of water that is a hallmark of spas in India. Besides the natural rejuvenation, authentic and beauty enhancement therapies at the treatment room and couples suite, a healthy dose of yoga, meditation, wraps, scrubs, body polishing, face treatment and hydrotherapy A sensual ayurvedic massage or any other spa treatment has become an 'in' thing nowadays. Ayurveda, like yoga, is now a household word and needs no introduction.

Ayurvedic spa at Hotel Taj Galaxy provides personalized service in privacy and exclusivity and is as good as any elite health farm or spa. Such ayurvedic spa facilities also provide very good packages for a few days to a week or so. The main difference between an ayurvedic health farm and ayurvedic spa is that health farms have a much higher staff to guest ratio - you can waltz around all day, even dine, in your towel robe and slippers; there are no children and no bars at health farms. An Ayurvedic spa at a hotel may very well have a bar; children are allowed and you would look markedly weird eating in a towel robe with business men in the conference room next door. So go ahead and get your well deserved pampering at an ayurvedic spa. Pamper your pals in the groovy and pleasurable 'ayurvedic spa' way.

There are numerous hot springs across India with high mineral content suitable for hydrotherapy. Today, the modern ayurvedic spa has evolved into an attractive tourist destination as well! The scientifically proven medical values of ayurvedic spa waters like hot mineral springs, makes them popular rehabilitation clinics. Design contour using anti-ageing body treatments is also fashionable.

There is now a huge array of ayurvedic spa weekend vacation packages - ayurvedic spa is within reach of the more common man now. Men and women alike love the peace and tranquility of a few days at an ayurvedic spa.